Sunday, February 17, 2013

Why I Don't Bake

I've been itching to try this recipe for sticky buns so I decided to give it a go this morning.  Some yummy, fresh baked-out-of-the-oven sticky, sweet buns with a nice hot cup of coffee....mmmmm.  If you know me you know that I'm not the best at baking things from scratch.  I've got great intentions, just zero skill.  Saige was my little helper and all the prep went smoothly - but I will admit that the magazine that states prep time is 10 minutes clearly based that off of people who bake professionally.  It took me at least 30 minutes!  There weren't that many ingredients, just a lot of steps.

I should have known that things wouldn't go well right from the start when I realized I didn't have the right type of baking pan.  I figured a cake pan would work just fine - I mean, it's round right?  It sure looked pretty when I put it in the oven.

10 minutes later and I am smelling something burning.  Turns out all the butter is dripping out of the cake pan onto the elements and it smoking the place up.  My first thought is that I'm about to start a grease fire!  I grabbed a cookie sheet and opened the oven to stick it under to catch the rest of the drips.  Phew.  My second thought is that I'm about to set the smoke detectors off.  I opened the doors - keep in mind it is not that warm out right now.  I am distracted by the thought of the flock of birds in my back yard entering my house (it's happened before).  20 more minutes to cook and burn smoke.  It still looked yummy.

Fortunately I was saved by my logical husband - "why don't you preheat the second oven and switch it out", he says.  Hmm...he had a good point.  So I did just that.  I sat and watched it cook.  1 minute before the timer was set to go off, Addley yells that she needs help in the bathroom.  I left Scott in charge of the sticky buns.  The next thing I hear is "we have a bigger problem".  Turns out, he took the pan out and flipped it out onto a plate like the instructions on the recipe said to but it wasn't totally cooked on the bottom.  So, now there is no way to put it back in the pan so he sticks it in a heap on the cookie sheet that is crusted with burnt drippings.  Back into the oven.

Here is the end result:  looks nothing like the yummy picture in the magazine!  Addley didn't like it.  Dayton didn't like it.  I thought it was just okay but it really didn't taste like what I expected.  Scott didn't like it.  Saige is the only one that asked for more - but that kid will eat anything.

Now I have to hand clean the mess in the oven.  This is why I don't bake.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mardi Gras 2013

We just got back from our annual trip to the Big Easy to celebrate Mardi Gras.  I got a ton of really cute pictures of the kids but it really drives me crazy how the quality of the photo is diminished on facebook and even on the blog.  They look so much better on my computer!  Anyhow, we had a fabulous trip and came home exhausted and loaded down with goodies from the parades.  Here are just a few shots - I promise I'll upload more soon.
The girls just being sisters.

Parading on the streets.  First time in the infamous ladder that Daddy used as a little boy.  First time throwing pop rocks....these little mini bombs made with gun powder.  Safe right?

A few quick snapshots from the Bacchus Brunch.  I LOVE listening to the band.  The girls enjoyed dancing and second lining.  Dayton missed most of the brunch and yes there is a long story there, but just in case you are wondering why he isn't in many of the pictures I will be posting.  Put it this all started before the brunch when he had to wear a belt! (Sound familiar from my previous post after Christmas?)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas 2012

I know, I know...I'm famous for posting pictures at least a year after I've taken them.  I thought I'd start 2013 a little unpredictable.  Here are some random snapshots from the month of December...

As you very well know, "family pictures" are SUCH a chore!  The girls are at an age now where they love to get dressed up and prance around for the camera, but Dayton still acts like family pictures are worse than losing all of his most prized possessions.  Before I even chose his outfit out of the closet he was complaining about having to wear "dressy" clothes.  No belts!  No ties!  Seriously, this kid is a photographers worst nightmare.  I had hoped to get some nice pictures of TN fall, but I couldn't find dresses for the girls in time.  Before I knew it all the leaves had dropped and everything looked dead.  I had been eyeing up this field close to our house and decided it would make the perfect backdrop for our Christmas card photos.  Fortunately, we had one last unseasonably warm weekend and I just knew it would be my last opportunity to get pictures without jackets!

I love Dayton's crinkled up nose in this one.  He was laughing because he was demonstrating his rendition of the "sprinkler" dance.  That one didn't make the card....

I love how Saige's hair is all wild from the wind!

These next 3 crack me up - they look like they came straight out of a photo booth! Ha!

School ended and holidays had officially begun - we spent most days in our pjs!  

Addley is seriously the most funny kid I know....

My little man is looking so grown up these days.

So far he is not the least bit self-conscious of his crazy teeth!

Fast forward to Christmas Eve - our annual trip to Opryland to see the pretty lights and go for our carriage ride.  This year we ate at Opryland - STAX - build your own burgers.  They come with 2 patties! HUGE!  I cannot believe that Dayton and Saige both ate their WHOLE burger and their side of fries!  I finished 3/4 of mine.  We ended up not taking a carriage ride this year because the next set of tickets wasn't until 9:40 and as you know that is way past our (Scott and I) bedtime.  The kids were kind of upset, but they got over it quickly.  I reminded them that we needed to get home and put out reindeer food and that the quicker they went to sleep the quicker Santa came.  They were all in bed and asleep by 8:30!  

I don't recall what was happening when I took this picture but you can tell she was being very serious about something.

Spreading some Christmas love!

Walking around enjoying the decorations at Opryland.

This is the cutest picture despite it being so blurry.

The giant tree at Opryland is always so beautiful it is just impossible to capture its beauty on film.

What a horrible but hilarious picture!  The tree is so tall...

Again, the lights are just so beautiful you need to see them in person.  My pictures just don't do it justice.

To give you an idea of how ginormous the tree is, take a look at the people in the bottom right corner - they are so small in comparison.

Oh, and here is our classic Christmas Eve PJ picture.  Gotta love it!  This was the best out of 10 tries!

Awe - the girls were giving Shey some Christmas Eve bedtime kisses.  As you can tell she loves the attention - NOT.  A little less than impressed.

Is it bedtime yet?  Grumpy old bear.

Sweet, stinky Tula - I love her.

And now Christmas Day!

A little too early for this bug I think.  She's very routine - she likes to get up and EAT.  Not so impressed she had to do stockings first.  HA!

Saige about to open her Santa sack!

Dayton reaching in.  All he asked Santa for was a video game.  He got a sack full of board games AND the video game he asked for.  I didn't capture it on film but he did a happy dance.  He was so excited!

Addley asked Santa for a stepstool for her bathroom (pink of course) and a night light.  She was thrilled to also get a sleeping bag for sleepovers!

Saige got a balance beam from Santa - a total surprise!  She asked Santa for a trampoline.  When I told her that was too big for Santa she asked for a little pooch.  *sigh*  She's always going to be that kid that asks for the impossible!

Holiday sausages, fruit salad and scrambled eggs for breakfast.  Addley much happier now.

She loved her sleeping bag!  Just like brother and sisters.

Dayton's new hat from Auntie Jess Jess.

New robes from YaYa!  And a not so bad photo of the 3 of them!

Dayton started playing his games right away.  I'm all gamed out.

It started snowing for the first time - out to catch snowflakes.

You have to look hard to see the snowflakes but they are there!

My snow kitty.

Our first rainboots!  Kids were so excited!  Thanks Grandpa and Mom Mom!

Christmas morning #2 when Grandpa and Mom Mom came to visit.

Our second snowfall!

Ok, you can see the snowflakes this time!

I love their reactions to the snow!  I really cannot wait for them to see a real snowfall with the ground covered!

All bundled up.

Saige making a mini snowball.

I love how they stare at their mittens!

My most favorite picture from Christmas holidays!

Dayton wearing his first pair of "mittens" - he got them in his stocking from Santa - he pulled them out and said "look Daddy, Santa game me car washers" hahahaha - my kids know nothing about winter!

More gaming and SUCH an appropriate card for Addley!  She is so goofy!